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#30DaysofHTML ended its first run on April 30. However, it’s now available on demand, whenever you want to start, right from Day 1: <address>.

If you jumped in around Day 25, or if you missed it entirely, register to get the next round of the course at Gumroad. Unfortunately, Substack does not have an “on demand” feature.

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Pre-order the #30DaysofHTML e-book

Erika and Jen are assembling all #30DaysofHTML into an e-book format. You may pre-order it, and we’ll email it to you as soon as it’s ready! (We anticipate this will be no later than June 30.)

Pre-order the #30DaysofHTML e-book

Thanks for all of your feedback

We are so grateful for all of your feedback on the #30DaysofHTML series. We wanted to share some of our favorite feedback points from what we’ve received so far.

On how we can improve:

  • ⚠️10% fewer emojis 😉📉

  • Don't run it over weekends

  • I am not at all surprised that a course with Jen could easily be a full-time job if one wanted to thoroughly complete it all.

(We agree, we agree! And we also laugh… yes, we could make learning a full-time job easily.)

And currently in the lead for future topics:

  • #30DaysofCSS (though we would NOT run it over weekends!)

  • #10DaysofCSSLayouts

  • #15DaysofHTMLForms

Want to get your feedback to us? Please fill out our Google feedback form — there are only 5 questions, and it should be less than 3 minutes to complete.

Give Jen and Erika some feedback

We’ll keep you informed

Erika and Jen are both finishing up the spring term at their respective universities. They anticipate assembling the e-book first, then plotting their next email course.

You’ll be first to hear about it by staying on the email list.

Thanks again!

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