#15DaysOfCSS: Ebook release, new courses

There's a ton going on in layout land!

🎉🥳📚 Today is ebook release day! 🎉🥳📚

At 11 AM Eastern US time, the #15DaysOfCSS ebook was released. Thanks to everyone who purchased it! Your support enables Erika and Jen to run more challenges in the future.

Didn’t get a copy and you want to buy it now?

Purchase the #15DaysOfCSS ebook!

✅ #30DaysOfHTML and #15DaysOfCSS email series still available on demand

If you’re a later subscriber to this list, and you missed some or all of the challenge emails, you can still get your own email series on demand. The #30DaysOfHTML email course and #15DaysOfCSS email course are free and available to you anytime. Enter $0 where it asks you to “name your price.”

Get freebies at LearnWithJen.com

📣 Jen’s Frontend Masters CSS Flexbox/Grid course is updated and released! 📣

Flexbox is for UI and Grid is for page layouts. But what does that really mean? And what ARE the differences between these two methods? Are there things that Grid can do but Flexbox can’t?

Oh yeah… for example, did you know you could create this effect with CSS Grid and CSS animation?

Check out the CodePen to see how Jen did this.

Jen’s CSS layouts course has been wildly popular since its release in 2017. Now there’s an all-new version of the course, reworked from the ground up. Mosaic layouts, sizes and srcset for responsive images, awesome card layouts, and so much more are covered in the most recent version of the course. As always, there’s a ton of hands-on learning, exercises, and practice to put your new skills to immediate use.

Watch Jen's revised CSS layouts course

👍 NEW Frontend Masters course: Getting Started with CSS 👀

Jen builds a portfolio site from start to finish using HTML and CSS. No Github, no command line, no JavaScript, no frameworks! Go old school to get a grip on how powerful HTML and CSS are right out of the box and learn a ton about CSS layouts along the way. Currently available in workshop format, this will be edited into a course shortly.

Go old school with HTML and CSS

😳 Trevor Noah and Jen kick it at No-Code Conf 😱

Yes, THAT Trevor Noah of the Daily Show! They probably won’t be talking, but they’re both on the No-Code Conf program, a free online conference happening November 17-18, sponsored by Webflow.

Jen will talk about “5 steps to effective planning for your no-code website or app”. The worksheets for the talk are available for you to copy in Notion.

Get those worksheets!

💖 Thanks for your support 💞

Erika and Jen appreciate your support! We’ll check in one more time before the end of the year. Happy Thanksgiving, and may your Diwali be free from darkness and abundant with light!

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