Expand your HTML game in 30 days.

There's a world beyond p, a, and div

What is 30 Days of HTML?

Receive one email a day for 30 days, each featuring at least one HTML element.

Expand your HTML repertoire, including element names, required and common attributes, example code, and links to more learning.

We start on April 1, 2021. Share this challenge with your team!

Who is this for?

This challenge is designed for those already familiar with HTML syntax but limited in their tag choices.

We cover the 95% of HTML that has a use on many of your web pages, but you don’t know it exists.The top 10 elements in use on web pages in 2020 include div, a, span, li, img, script, p, link, i, and option. None of these elements are included in this challenge.

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But I don’t know HTML… yet

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Remember the purpose of HTML

The Hypertext Markup Language identifies elements on your web page: headings, paragraphs, lists, sections, links, navigation, and more.

The “look” of HTML comes from your web browser. Yes, someone wrote the World’s Ugliest Default Stylesheet with Times New Roman, blue underlined links, and honking big spacing. You may override all of this with ease using CSS.

The look of the default HTML should never drive the markup of your web page.

I learned so much! Thank you!

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