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Jen and Erika are award-winning instructors who teach HTML, CSS, and coding for a living. We can answer your questions about these topics and more. We also talk about how to teach coding effectively - a massive problem in the industry. Subscribe for occasional irregular emails.

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👋 Hi, I’m Jen Kramer.

Photo of Jen Kramer.

For over twenty years, Jen Kramer has taught the world to tell their own stories online. Her courses focus on HTML, CSS, user experience, website planning, and no-code tooling options.

From Harvard University to LinkedIn Learning and Frontend Masters, Jen teaches thousands of students to have their voices heard online every year.

Jen is a teacher first, known for clear explanations and encouraging students in their work. She won Harvard’s Shattuck Award for excellence in teaching in 2018.

Jen is also a prolific video author, creating over 70 training courses covering HTML, CSS, user experience, content management systems, and no-code tools.

Jen earned a BS in biology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a MS in Internet Strategy Management at the Marlboro College Graduate School, and and a graduate certificate in Learning Design and Technology from Harvard Extension School.

👋 Hi, I’m Erika Lee.

Glad to meet you all. This is me at the start of the pandemic with my TV-tray-for-a-desk online school set up. Those were the days, huh?

Erika Lee has been creating websites since 1995. For the last twelve years, she has taught web design and development, programming and design courses for Indiana University in the School of Informatics.

Her favorite things include storytelling, data journalism, and visual design, and she works elements of those into all of her courses. Yes, even the Python ones.

Erika won the IU Trustees Teaching Award in 2021, and she writes and presents nationally on topics like #Failure (or how to learn to embrace programming) and on being an accidental academic.

Erika has a BA in Biology from Oberlin College, with a minor in Computer Science, and an MA in Journalism from Indiana University.

I learned so much! Thank you!

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